Partnered with an emerging company dedicated to offering new models of education for the next generation of students.
  • The core model allowed for multiple institutions to offer and integrate joint programs
  • Our work expanded the models to integrate industry innovation and startups directly into a campus environment
  • These holistic models would not only drive education but actual economic growth through industry investment and innovation


Led the formation and facilitation of building operational boards to drive strategic initiatives.
  • Developed boards of industry leaders to define new models of corporate to startup engagement and business partnerships
  • Developed boards of talent development professional to design new leadership development programs
  • Developed boards of entrepreneurs to explore next generation services for startup acceleration and incubation
  • Developed boards of senior executives to discuss corporate board development services and top corporate executive challenges
  • Interviewed corporate leaders to define requirements for education and academic support for programs


Working with an emerging global economic development firm, we created new development models around the regional integration of corporate innovation, inclusive of the entrepreneurial and education communities.
  • Strategy development established a long-term growth roadmap, incorporating both the organizational and capability development required to support the new business models
  • Global ecosystem analysis helped to engage and evaluate investors from over 12 countries spanning over 10 key US cities


Led and developed the methodologies to realize strategic business initiatives and partnership engagements.
  • Performed capability and readiness assessments for both internal organizations and potential partner
  • Led cultural analysis and organizational development planning across multiple M&A initiatives
  • Developed business process modeling and management system for evaluating business operations models of internal departments and those of potential acquisitions or new joint models with partners
  • Led business process improvement analysis and measurement projects across multiple lines of business and identified new models of shared services and shared resources for the business
  • Performed IT system impact analysis, system roadmaps, and change management processes across business units of two Fortune 100 companies during M&A
  • Created business to technology value chains to help manage system investments and Business ROI to TCO metrics across operating units and partnerships


Worked on an evaluation of several major US city pursuing the creation of a large-scale integrated research park.
  • Our study included the viability to attract industry to participate in the development and the potential to integrate lifestyle patterns
  • Our study included the viability to engage  industry around collaborative innovation
  • The role of integrating innovation and new education services into the business ecosystem was central to the opportunity
  • Design requirements for government, military and diplomatic zone were factored into the design of the community


Partnered with regional developers and city representatives of a major Midwest city, exploring new forms of multi-model transportation integration.
  • The opportunity also evaluated transportation investments and the overall impact to existing industry clusters, transportation patterns and overall regional growth and attractiveness
  • Project also reviewed new job creation around transportation, maintenance and manufacturing for the region


Researched and provided analysis for a collaboration of engaging US cities who were evaluating intercity renewal in the form of urban farming as a new community-based model.
  • Evaluated the impact of job creation and strategic partnerships to support inner-city businesses and revitalization, providing deep insights and amplified opportunities
  • Created recommendations for partnerships with academic research and industry technology that could also be leveraged in the development of these new urban centers, providing new investment recommendations for the inner city revitalization


Reviewed a company’s inter-relationships within their current systems and their external vendor/partner dynamics, providing the status of its current state of operations and a roadmap for its future state.
  • Accessed the current functions and roles within the organization to ensure effective processes were in place and mapped opportunities for greater efficiency
  • Accessed the talent base within each department and provided a gap analysis and recruitment strategy to better serve the interdependencies of the business
  • Outlined recommendations for on-going training and development that could be cross-functionally utilized to both increase internal knowledge base and also promote internal currency for organizational development and sustainability


Through the M&A process, provided a best practice approach to performance evaluation, based on the requirements of a highly regulated industry.
  • Created a new performance development tool and outlined the steps for evaluating and driving excellence within an organization
  • Established clear expectations and continual training requirements and defined new steps for the evaluation process
  • Developed framework for recognition programs to provide incentives within all verticals of the organization


We have worked with companies in the financial, retail, hospitality, travel and supply chain industries providing detailed analysis within and between operating units of the company.
  • Delivered detailed analysis of process improvement points, governance structures, decision support systems, cultural analysis and roadmaps for capability development
  • Provided analysis and insights for executive leadership to guide strategic planning
  • Developed metrics and assessment tools that established a baseline to measure improvement


Partnered with leadership to facilitate operational crisis planning for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Partnered with an organization when a critical incident personally affected leadership and staff’s ability to perform, placing the organization at risk
  • Assessed the organizational requirements and delivered a roadmap to establish immediate resilience to the crisis, while outlining a c-suite response program that created both a systemic support system within the executive team and cultural readiness to perform at all levels
  • Performed a post-incident assessment and created a new framework for crisis management within the organization

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