Our clients include:
  • Companies
  • Economic Development Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Foundations


Companies make decisions every day that limit their ability to lead industries, communities, and employees. We work with companies to build new capabilities for competitive advantage and realize what’s possible. How do you…
  • build internal innovation strategies and capabilities?
  • develop external innovation exchange?
  • lead and influence your vertical ecosystem?
  • find, evaluate and accelerate startups?
  • find, evaluate and select strategic partners?
  • integrate new capabilities into the organization?
  • evolve your innovation culture?
  • structure strategic alliances and joint ventures?
  • perform m&a and new business impact analyses and evaluations?
  • define, track and report ecosystem and innovation metrics?


Economic development organizations strive to remain competitive and grow. We provide them with a greater understanding of their ecosystem, partnership and alliance capabilities and how to prioritize opportunities to gain the greatest impact of what’s possible.   How do you…
  • develop services to support local startups and entrepreneurs?
  • research, develop and continuously improve accelerators and incubators?
  • create networks to integrate industry and entrepreneurial communities?
  • attract talent and investment to the region?
  • research, identify and support emerging clusters in your region?
  • link new workforce programs to emerging job types?
  • host new events that drive new business and innovation?
  • cultivate the angel investor community?
  • define, track and report innovation metrics?


Academic institutions strive to enhance learning and develop a highly talented workforce.   The ability to support industry and remain competitive continues to be challenging. We work with academic organizations to evaluate their competitive position, become leaders and create new programs to engage the industries and communities they support so they can deliver what’s possible. How do you…
  • deliver curriculum relevant to the speed of innovation in the marketplace?
  • close gap between academics and industry (knowledge and application)?
  • stay on the pulse of new careers needed in tomorrow’s economy?
  • engage corporations to invest in academic programs that drive core business needs?
  • create a legacy of next generation learning for donors and foundations?
  • create exchange programs with international industry and institutions?
  • secure government funding to support new programs aligned with economic development and innovation?
  • define, track and report innovation metrics?


Foundations are built to do good in their community, region or the world. Foundations organize and deploy resources every day. We work with foundations to evaluate how they can partner, where they can serve, how they can deliver more effectively and their greatest impacts for what’s possible. How do you…
  • research your foundation’s ecosystem?
  • evaluate other foundations for networking, partnering and investing opportunities?
  • build advisory boards and strategic partner networks?
  • create online platforms to connect with peers, investors, and communities?
  • connect to startups that could enhance your foundation through innovation?
  • drive innovation to create the next level workforce and accelerate entrepreneurs?
  • find and evaluate grant opportunities?
  • align grant programs with corporate initiatives and CSR programs?
  • attract legacy investment that supports next generation students and entrepreneurs?
  • define, track and report ecosystem, grant program, and innovation metrics?

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